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Depleted uranium weapons used during Gulf War without our troops knowledge

Review the multiple docs, videos and posts on Cody Snodgrass’ site

Pertaining to Uranium one and the gulf war syndrome and illegal vaccines forced on our troops, and the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City OK

Vaccines were forced on troops, and we were told when asked they were not approved by the FDA, which made no sense to me at the time

We were told the pills and shots were for the possible chemical weapons Saadam may use on his scuds

We were never told the very chemical weapons we were being threatened with were the same weapons we provided Saadam while he was purging his country of opposition and uprising

Troops who served in the Gulf theater of operations can not give blood the rest of their lives, which I did not find out about myself until 2011

The records being requested regarding the facts of the depleted uranium causation of Gulf War syndrome were stored at the Murrah building, and subsequently lost completely

Always do your own research, as these are just a few of the available links and data about this incredible cover up, just like the government cover up of agent orange health issues after Vietnam