New CDL Truck Drivers Maximize Your 1st Years Driving Like I Did

When I got my CDL, I had a strategy for success in this cdl 18 wheel big rig truck driving game

Its no different than any other business I’ve succeeded in

Break the big things down to small things, and handle them in order of importance while decreasing risk and increasing the monetary upside

I’ve outlined these steps as bullet points and also created a video about it to make it both a verbal and visual training session

Years 1 and 2 My Focus Was On:

  • Handling the rig, trailer, paperwork, clock etc

  • Learning the numbers / metrics as I delivered loads, watched fuel bills, etc

  • Learning why people fail at lease / owner op

  • Learning from successful people

Year 2 to 3 My Focused Has Been On:

  • Researching tractors + trailers for sale

  • Researching leasing, Full Maintenance lease, buying new or used

  • Research companies to potentially drive for + Metrics of those companies

  • Learning lanes, freight rates, broker dialogue, negotiating

  • Ensuring my maintenance fund is 20-30k minimum (or lines of credit to cover it)

  • LLC creation & credit building

I did much better my first year than the average new CDL truck driver, but I chased the miles like a beagle chasing a scent and was relentless about that focus

This second year Ive achieved the 100K a year mark, and now I am focused on the next step of self dispatch and getting my own tractor trailer

Here is the video about this adventure so far

Thanks for being here and sharing my journey



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