New CDL 18 Wheel Truck Drivers Success Checklist

Success Checklist For New CDL Truck Drivers

Get You Medical Card 1st

DOT Medical Exam Locations or Google Search Near You

  • 2 Year down to 90 Day Card Options
  • Ensure No Medical Issues before starting

Get CDL Permit at DMV – Study ALL Online

  • General Knowledge
  • Combination Vehicles
  • Air Brakes

Get Endorsements at DMV – Study ALL Online

  • Hazmat
  • Tankers
  • Doubles
  • Triples

Decide to:

  • Pay Own Way
  • Get Company Sponsored Training

Pay Own Way

    • Diploma MUST say 160 Hrs + Manual Transmission Qualified
    • Google “CDL Training Near Me”
    • Community College Cheapest but Longer (Nites + Weekend Classes too)
      • 8-16 Weeks Average Time to Complete
    • Stand Alone School
      • 4 Weeks Average Time to Complete
    • Price, Price, Price
    • Narrow Down, Call and Visit Final 2 Options When able
    • State + Federal Funding Options
  • W.I.A. + Unemployment State Sponsorship
  • Grants For Felons
    • Recruiters will come through school, but analyze offers (CPM,miles, Hometime Etc)
    • Do your own research locally too

Testing Out

Company Sponsored Training

  • + my top 2 choices
  • Questions to Ask ALWAYS:
  • How Long is Training?
  • What is Training Pay?
  • What is Contract Payback (including interest)+ Time Commitment?
  • Can contract be bought out and for how much?

General Questions for 1st Company Employment

  • How long is training?
  • What is training pay?
  • What pay increases in 1st year?
  • Average Miles Per Week?
  • Average CPM (Cents per Mile)?
  • Average income for new drivers?
  • Bonus Income?
  • Hometime?
  • HHG (Household Goods Miles-Zip code to Zip code) or Practical (ALL Driven) Miles?

Once driving solo or team, focus on EXPERIENCE + KNOWLEDGE daily

If you need more immediate one on one help than this, please invest in a coaching call  

Click Here >>>  Coaching Calls With RVT

Good luck on your journey

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  1. I got a $3,000 grant for a $4,000 CDL course and I’m coming up with the rest. What are the top 3 companies to work for if you dont need tuition reimbursement because I paid y own way? Thank you =)

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