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Credit Rebuilding + Debt Collection Defense Letters

Bad things happen to good people and this post is for all the CDL 18 wheel big rig truckers who need to get debt collectors off their backs so they can focus on moving forward financially in life.

When I lost my real estate holdings during the United States economic crash of 2008, I had to deal with a few debt collectors.

This post will outline the specific steps I took to defend against debt collectors personally and professionally, and I hope it helps you, as well.

First, understand the process of what happens when a financial obligation you have goes bad / late or into collections:

The financial institution starts by sending you late notices, and they try to offer you ways to make the debt good.

These are the phone calls you want to always take (assuming you can pay some amount towards the debt).

The financial institution knows their best chance to make good on the majority of whatever the debt amount you have is BEFORE it gets sent to internal or external collections.

Once it gets to collections, be aware that most financial institutions write the debt off, and sell a much smaller balance to an outside collection agency.

This is the step this post assumes you are dealing with.

A collection agency has purchased your original debt from the true debt owner, for pennies on the dollar in most situations.

The collection agency calling and mailing you is hoping you will be talked or coerced into paying some portion of the debt to them, and in most cased they will offer a ‘settlement amount’ right away of you speak to them accidentally.

Understand, you are under no obligation to allow them to harass you, especially at work via phone, so you need to take a proactive approach from the start once you realize this debt has now been purchased by this collection agency.

The following steps I outline are what worked for me, and I never had a debt collector get past this stage with me regarding any debts that they purchased from the original financial institution.

Specific Steps To Defend Against Collection Letters

First, once you mistakenly take a call from a debt collector (which most people do, once), inform them right away verbally you do not consent to these collection calls, and you request a certified letter be sent to the address on file.

If they ask you to confirm your address, turn that question around and ask them to read you the address they have.

DO NOT provide them a current address if they don’t have it.

Simply tell them you don’t consent to these calls, and that they need to prove the debt or obligation in written format before you will go any further.

Don’t be rude, obnoxious or confrontational.

Simply tell them:

I don’t consent to these calls and I ask you stop them immediately

I want a certified letter outlining the debt you claim I owe immediately

If you don’t have my address, I cannot help you any further

And then HANG Up.

Understand this next point clearly:

The debt collection agency person you are speaking with will try to claim they are working directly with the financial institution that originated the debt with you, but 9.9 times out of 10 that is a LIE.

They have purchased the debt FROM the originating financial institution, and they have NO affiliation with them in any way regarding this call for you to pay, but if the debt collector can convince you that they work directly for the originator, you will view them as a larger entity than they would appear otherwise.

Now, having said all that, lets talk about the steps I took once I got a letter from a debt collector.

BTW, I worked our credit back up from a sub 500 score after the crash and losses, to over 750 now.

I say that to let you know that credit rebuilding is a process.

A one step at a time journey.

When I got a phone call or a mailed letter (not all will be certified) regarding a debt they claimed I owed, I KNEW the burden of proof of my obligation to pay was resting solely on the person or entity calling or mailing me.

The federal government requires companies to abide by a Fair Credit Reporting Act
and everything about these next steps abides within this federal mandate.

Debt Verification Defense Letter Example PDF

So, here are the steps I took to dispute and demand debt verification when a debt collector called.

1) I sent a reply to the original letter In received that mirrored this PDF below

Debt Verification Letter Sample

I simply added my information and the debt collection agency information to this and sent it back via CERTIFIED mail.

I never heard from any of the specific companies again.


Most debt collection companies don’t have the manpower to spend hours upon hours on each respective collection account, and most will chase the lowest hanging fruit first (folks who don’t contest these calls or letters), and the debt collector will simply make their business on the 60% of consumers who will try to pay something toward the debt, trying to ‘do the right thing’. Site For Creating Thousands of Business Docs Including Debt Collection Defense Letters

Some folks may need more specific guidance regarding this sample debt collection verification letter, so Ive also included a site that provides thousands of legal document creation options for all types of business needs, including debt collection verification letters.

The site is

Most docs are free, but there is a paid upgrade function for more specific help regarding whatever business situation yours may be (LLC creation, Leases, Powers of Attorney, etc)

Again, this will be the first in a series of credit rebuilding posts, since I have lived the financial loss most of us have endured, but I have worked my way back to a great credit score, and a new business and financial future.

Thanks for being here.

I appreciate your support and views.

Red Viking Trucker

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