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Red Viking Trucker is the creation of a ‘lost’ & ‘wandering’ Viking named Red, who has traveled many continents, countries, and cities, and been a master of many professions, but a slave to none.

Red Viking Trucker will share his adventures and lifestyle realities with all who will listen, read or watch.

Red Viking Trucker is beholden to no man save God supreme, and any and all published media and or writings are the sole creation of Red Viking Trucker and may be used or shared as you see fit, to help younger Vikings coming up in life.

Red Viking Trucker IS beholden to one woman, his Viking wife and cohort in life’s adventures.

Red Viking Trucker welcomes all input, comments, likes, dislikes, and shares since Vikings don’t really care what others think of them.

Vikings care only for the day’s sun to set and rise again tomorrow on their life, their triumphs, and their spoils of war.

May you find your inner Viking and ride that adventure as far as it will take you and yours.

May your Viking horns be strong and sure, your ale stout, and your lovers strong of back and will.