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    In the process of updating my phone plan I found this option if 1. you live in a Comcast / Xfinity service area & 2. you have TV or Internet through Comcast/Xfinity. Xfinity Mobile (XM) is offering $12/mo for 1GB plus unlimited talk & text. The first 3GB of data only cost $12/GB. Once you hit 4GB you are billed $45/mo.

    You can choose the $12/GB plan or the Unlimited Data for $45/mo. I believe you can switch among the plans as your data needs change. You must buy a phone from XM to get these plan prices, but there is NO LINE ACCESS CHARGE which Vzw normally charges $20/ mo for L.A.C. This $45 Unlimited Plan is on sale until end of July for $20 less than Verizon charges for their Unlimited Plan. The XM plan uses the Verizon network so you save $40/mo but have the Verizon network. The monthly savings will pay for the phone you must purchase. Either plan ($12 or $45) will start a 2 year contract. You must maintain your home internet or TV service with Xfinity.

    You can check out the details at

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