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    Just thought I would throw the start of my journey out there since it is finally rolling.
    As per some solid advice I started with some practice apps and in short order acquired my class A permit on 1/24. I had someone that promised to help get me past my driving test since you have that small problem of needing a truck and trailer for the skills test and even after running 4000 miles with him and only getting to drive 25 miles and then the guy trying to steal my money it was clear that I was needing to rethink my plan. I was able to do some non highway driving through my uncles company so fairly comfortable behind the wheel but still needing some real world driving since being safe is the first goal. I have now finished my second day of actual school which will end up filling the gaps when finished along with having their equipment to test with in a few weeks. With me already having my permit put me way ahead and looking forward to getting with a company. I am looking to run flatbed while I have the health, strength and ability as I am not a spring chicken. The company that I was wanting to go with actually recruits out of my school, TDI so that works well also. Really looking forward to getting on the road and making some time so this journey can progress.
    Always enjoy the videos and information which it has helped me greatly.
    Take care and stay safe,



    Well folks, all is done, passed the skills and driving test today with flying colors and now hold my class A CDL. One thing I can say from my experience, not everyone that goes to a CDL school should be driving a truck!



    Congratulations Dave. Welcome to the club.

    The good drivers understand their job is to be safe, even though the car drivers seem determined to create an accident, no matter what. The not so good drivers see safety and their safety record as some sort of random thing that either accidentally leaves them with a clean record or accidentally leaves from black marks on their record. Stay vigilant and always have an out. Just in case nobody says this enough to you, leave the phone alone while you are driving. If an accident happens your phone records will be sought and reviewed by your company and any attorneys involved. Getting caught playing with your phone can bring a fine of a few thousand dollars to you and over $10k to your company. You will see about 90% of car drivers screwing with their phone 24/7. You cannot afford it in a big truck. See you on the road.



    good for you on realizing you were being short changed and switching up to succeed. keep me posted on your journey

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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