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    New-be to otr however i have found-out the hard way how DMs and companies will abuse the hell out of drivers….. one is little down/home time….. this is something most dont understand being new tot he road …it is something you must do…. my companies i have worked for always seemed to had lost my request … have missed Drs appts and built up badly cumulative fatigue… ie .. this last part is dangerous as it impairs you in judgement calls… forced dispatch is nother BS tool of the trade as long as you have hours you run… or load is at 08;00 and it isnt done until 19;00 your up all day and need to run the load .. too many hours up… use the on duty waiting for loads or waiting to get a load CYA…. remember they dont care abut the driver use and abuse … you have too many issues your replaced with cheaper guy….



    i cant understand companies doing that to you.
    ive never had an issue with my company, although we are mainly regional, and ive always had my home time and pretty good dispacthers
    our drivers are home weekly, unless you want to run more, then you can run more
    where do you live?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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