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    NC Snowman

    How close, in reality, do you have to live to the yard? How much does this factor into choosing what company to work for?



    It seems to vary greatly by company. Most OTR companies don’t really require you to live a certain distance from one of their yards. They go more on, “hiring areas”. For example, I lived 300 miles from my nearest company yard. It didn’t matter to them because I live in Nashville TN which was perfect for their “freight lanes”. Which meant, after home time, they would have freight all around me to pick up and had no problem routing me home since there is 3 major interstates running through here.

    They will route you through one of their terminals when they need to service truck, classes, etc.

    They will ask, however, where you will be parking the truck for your hometime. And it must be agreeable.

    Also, if and when you decide to terminate your employment. They will want you to bring the truck to one of their yards and will usually get you a bus ticket home.

    Of course, always ask all of this info when you are talking to potential companies.



    like brown says, every company has different policies.
    mine just says the truck cannot ‘go home with you’ on your resets, hence why you need to live a certain distance from our yards
    if im resetting over the road then a travel center always works



    It depends on how much time you want to spend of your home time driving to/from the yard. Some companies say 75-150 miles from our nearest yard. If you are getting home every 6 weeks one distance might work for you. If you are home every other day you might not tolerate a 2 hour drive X 2.

    Parking truck at terminal is least hassle for driver. Truck can be maintained while you are home. You don’t waste your hours getting maintenance done at a truck stop during the week.


    NC Snowman

    Thanks for the info! Definitely provided more insight and will help in the job search. Always appreciate the help.

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