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    I’m getting my CDL and will have it by the end of this month and I’m looking at TMC Transportation as one of the companies to work for and would like to know if they are a good company to work for. Or any companies that are good to work for that weekly home.



    TMC has very good flatbed securement training. The reputation is they are disciplined & detail-oriented. They hire a lot of military vets. Getting home weekly is going to be based on where you live and how close is nearest terminal for your company.

    I’ve heard TMC trucks are nice but I don’t think they are equipped with Auxiliary Power Units (APU). That means you only have heat, AC when idling the truck. Many companies seriously discourage or prohibit idling except in extreme weather. If that’s important make sure to ask TMC. Any company you are seriously considering, you should ask them to have a driver or trainer contact you.

    I’ve heard a few people over the years say the following “they expect you to be awake, bed made, ready to work by 6am”. I don’t know if that’s an exaggeration, truth, or a joke. very nice trucks.

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    CDL Student here. Out of the many companies I contacted for preemployment, TMC was the most difficult to work With. It really upset me because they were my first choice. I have all my endorsements and TWIC card, Passport, and FAST Canada. They recruiter called me and notified me she could not verify my employment background becuase it was through a third party. She was slightly rude and uncommunicative. She told me I should contact said third party, I readily agreed, wanting to resolve the issue. I did the leg work and got a verification of employment form. The next business day I contacted TMC and was informed my application was denied by hiring managers due to lack of an employment history.

    I was told there was nothing I could do, and no one I could speak to, to submit my employment verifcation form from the third party.

    Anyways, I am going to work with Schneider instead. They have been nothing but professional and accommodating. Have my orientation date set.

    Do what works best for you man.






    My experience reminds me of when Red was scheduled for orientation with a big name company. Said company contacted the wrong CDL school and couldn’t verify his enrollment there (obviously). Red came to play and ended up going with another conpany instead.

    A bad experience with a recruiter can tarnish a company’s image and turn good, solid, CDL graduates away. That being said, you may have an entirely different experience with TMC than I did.

    I wish you the best with whichever company you go with. A Werner rep was in my school last week, he stated they can provide home-time every weekend. Just my two cents.



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