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    `Greetings truck drivers. I´m getting ready to start my CDL school to obtain my Class A CDL and my plan is to become a company solo OTR driver. My questions today are the following:
    – What are the normal policies for smokers? Is smoking allowed?
    – For drivers who plan to bank cash and basically live in their truck, is this acceptable and permitted by most companies?
    – Who decides a truckers work schedule? I would prefer to drive nights to avoid heavy traffic. Does the company decide if that´s possible or is it the drivers choice to drive when he wants as long as the shipment arrives at it´s destination on time?

    Any and all information that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. I especially would like to hear from any other Truckers who are smokers, live or have lived in their truck for periods of time, and those who drive at night. Thank you so much for using your valuable time to help out a newbie. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Be safe.



    1) most trucks, if you are solo, are considered ‘yours’
    in my company, they allow smoking in trucks, but i dont know about day cabs where slip seating is done

    2) most companies dont care whether you sleep and stay in your truck (as long as its not a day cab), and you should definitely be able to stack cash with that plan

    3) nite driving will depend on your drop and pickup schedule. being new, your dispatchers will be in your ear more than a seasoned driver, but just run, pay your dues, be on time for loads, and adjust to what you want as you show them who you are

    good luck


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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