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    I have been visiting and researching several CDL schools, and I have one I like, looking to pay my own way, but I noticed that the tractor/trailers they use for training don’t have 18 wheels, but only have 10: 6 for the tractor and 4 for the trailer. Should that be a concern? The school I’m looking at is not affiliated with any shipping company.
    Has anyone else asked for or gotten a discount from the CDL school if you already have your permit and endorsements and DOT medical before starting the school?



    10 wheel trucks still require the same skills as 18 wheels. It would not bother me if I was trying to get a CDL. Trucks (tractors) & trailers that are shorter will react a little faster to you steering inputs when cornering or backing. The shorter combination will more easily fit in the space that 53 foot trailer & sleeper trucks can just barely fit in. Make sure to ask to see which truck & trailer you will use for your CDL tests. You don’t want to train in the “easy” truck & trailer and then test in the “hard” combo. Make sure this particular school is acceptable to the company you want to work for. 160 hours of training is often the magic number. Only go to a shorter CDL school if the company you are hoping to work for agrees they will accept it & you really know you are staying at that trucking company for 1 year, no matter what, not just until you get a better offer or someone at home complains.



    Also make sure whatever school you choose uses trucks with manual transmissions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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