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    Anyone have experiences to share about having to take a sick day, an unplanned medical emergency or bereavement situation while OTR?



    days are allowed with most companies, but prior to a year, it will usually be without pay. most companies are reasonable from what i hear, but never forget its a business, and they want your wheels turning as much as possible.
    im sure some people ruin it in a company by abusing the time off option for such matters, but take care of dispatch and dispatch will take care of you, i think



    It’s no fun being sick OTR. In really bad Cades the company may have another driver come get your load and deliver it. If you go to hospital the company may tow your truck to a facility of their choosing while you get bettet. If you are going to be down a long time they may have someone box up your stuff, ship it to your terminal and issue your truck to another driver. If you have bereavement situation they may have you swap loads and let you drive home or park truck & fly home. Company policy varies & situations vary wildly. Work for a company that wants to keep you, not a mega-company. IMO.



    As RVT said, it’s a business and companies want they’re trucks moving. However, reputable companies understand that drivers get sick on the road and are unable to drive. Thats part of their job is to problem solve these types of things. Only you…can determine if your unable to drive safely! Always remember, you are the operator of this rig. YOU are gonna be held accountable for anything that happens. If you don’t feel you can operate safely for ANY reason, (illness, personal, equipment, whatever) DONT!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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