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    Trucking Exec on his YouTube channel has a video discussing a recent USAToday article.

    US retail giants like Target, and LG Electronics are using contractors that are using “Lease-Purchase” deals to essentially enslave truck drivers working at the ports of Los Angeles. If working for 100 hours per week and taking home little, nothing, or owing money is as close o real-life sharecropping as I’ve ever heard of. The article is longish but worth your read.

    Not all “Lease-Purchase” plans are as abusive as the ones discussed in this story, but they all share one feature. In L-P plan the driver assumes all financial risk for operating a commercial vehicle. In most L-P plans the trucking company controls what, when, and how much freight is moved by the driver. If you are going to assume the financial risk for operating a truck YOU better be picking what freight you haul and how much you work. All an unscrupulous trucking company need do is stop dispatching the driver on loads and they repossess the truck and can confiscate all the money in your maintenance/tire fund, not to mention all of those lease payments are gone forever.

    It’s your job to look out for you. BTW, if you join they will review your lease BEFORE you sign it. Good luck getting an attorney to review a lease for less than $50.

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