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    Well, my experience at the private trucking school has been less than easy. I am paying my own way. I got my CDL permit on my own before applying to the driving school. I am now starting my 5th week at the school. Whatever teaching or training I receive each day is decided on that same day, and it goes like this… I get a text from the director (he may also be the owner) saying, “Today will meet at the yard at 0930 houars” or “Training today at 1400 hours – airbrakes training” or “Standby”, or “Off for today”.

    In the last 4 weeks, I have had (5) days of either watching an out-of-date video for an hour or having the whole day called off (this has happened 3 times). Last night (Sunday) I got a text at 10:23pm saying “Off tomorrow”.

    It’s been like that for 4 weeks: no consistent hours and no plan of training. The last time I worked on my skills (backing, parallel parking) was 10 days ago. Before that I had about 5 hours total of actual skills practice. I now have had about 8 hours of on-the-road driving. Last Thursday I drove for about 3 hours, sharing that time with another student. The secretary/recruiter mentioned that the next week (meaning this week) we would probably be going to the DMV to test. I said great, and we were dismissed for the day.

    That same night, I received a text from the director saying, “Congratulations, you have been scheduled for your DMV test. Please meet @ 0500 hours @ the yard tomorrow Friday.” That really rattled me a lot because I wasn’t expecting it, but I just replied “thank you”and did as I was told. I passed the Pre-trip Inspection and Airbrakes portion of the test, but didn’t pass the skills test. I couldn’t get oriented or something. I did good on the straight line first test, but after that I was a mess.

    I haven’t written or blogged on my daily experiences at this school because I didn’t want to sound whiny, but I sure could’ve said something on every day of this “training”. Today, on another “off” day I feel stuck and with no end to this experience. I just want to get my CDL. I’m trying not to make this a personal thing against the Director/trainer/controller (whatever he is) but it is sure getting to me.
    Any advice or comments would be appreciated.



    be polite and friendly, and walk into the owners or directors office and request additional backing training and tell them you would like a ‘scheduled graduation’ date which will require specific training, obviously

    always be polite, but be a honey badger (dont stop, even if youre bit by a cobra, and die for a little bit) until you get the training you need and the diploma you paid for

    ask, ask again, then ask some more

    politely honey badgery and all


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