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    Found this pretrip inspection video made at a school
    Seems like theyre forgetting things to me.
    Video made in oregon if that’s relevant

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    here is the VERY best walk around video IMHO

    CDL Pre Trip Walkaround



    Ive been watching that everyday for a while now found it under your useful links.ty RVT
    I just looked up the other video because school will be in oregon.
    But im not sure if there’s enough info in that video does oregon have different pretrip requirements?



    States are SUPPOSED to follow the Federal requirements for issuing CDL. So, in theory, each state Pre-trip should be the same. But Illinois, for example, seems to insist on exact wording to pass a PTI. They want the various dash warning lights to be called “lamps”. Calling it a “light” will cause some Examiners to fail you.

    Your CDL school will be familiar with the state process. Follow their advice.

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