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    I’ve seen you talk about the personality profile. I took it. I honestly can’t say it tells me very much? I’ll give my numbers…
    Decisive… natural 25/adaptive 25
    Interactive…natural 39/adaptive 10
    Stabilizing… natural 99/adaptive 70
    Cautious… natural 88/adaptive 60

    The testing does show me very introverted. Which is right. Yet people oriented and agreeable. Which is right.
    As anyone knows who has taken this. There is alot of detail.
    I don’t know that it tells me I’m a truck driver?

    I can also add. I just took an intelligence test through the State Employment office. It’s a workers SAT test. Done by the same company who does SAT. I tested in the top 1/2 of 1 percent of all people in this country who took the test since it started in 2008.
    When taking IQ tests. I test in the 130’s. Since most common. I like to say 137.

    I am older. 57. I like to think I’d like truck driving. I think I’d enjoy it. I’m a loner.



    Thought I should include the biggest criticism the Profile has on me. And it’s rotflmao true! That is; I don’t know when to turn the ‘data feed’ off.
    There are other observations I could share.
    Basically…. I do think I check out good in the Personality Profile.
    It is surprisingly accurate. rofl



    Thought I should include. I am looking at companies. Got a few contingent pre offers. Should be going to school 11/6 to 12/20. Have a grant for it. On unemployment now. Jury Duty this month. 🙂
    I sent a smaller company in my state info. They way they want to hire me after I have my Class A in hand. I do have 7 years Class B experience. They didn’t seem very interested in any training? I wonder about this? Beginning pay good. Seems good equipment. Runs from midwest to Ca. and back. Which is good. Stay out of NE during winter.
    Yet… I have Prime talking positive, absolutely. They got good training. Like their Freightliners. I’ve had experience with KW and Pete. Not reliable in my experience. I know I will be well trained and oriented working for Prime.
    I know the word on the internet is that the best is smaller companies. I wonder?

    The more I pour over that Personality Profile. The more I’m amazed at how accurate it is.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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