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    I am 52, Female who recently acquired my CDL. It was a 60 hour accredited course, 20 hours classroom, 40 hrs behind the wheel. My personal experience thus far has been a bit disappointing. I have spoken to almost every company to find out that my initial CDL school is not meeting the hours of schooling that they require, most have stated that I need 120-160 hours of school hours, before they could accept me into their training program. I really wish I would have known this in advance, so $ 3800.00 for this schooling would not have been spent in vain. I have had only 2 companies potentially offer out a driving opportunity.
    Schneider for dedicated dollar general with 100% touch & US Xpress dedicated dollar tree account with 100% touch.
    I am going to try 100% touch with US Xpress, Orientation next week. I hope to pass the physical standards test for freight handling.
    I do not give up easily ! preparing myself with a positive attitude, and a ,You can do this !! If this does not work out for me, I have to start all over again, as though I never had any CDL schooling. Of course this all costs more $$.

    Hope this info might help others to choose their School with better insight.
    Bobbie Jean



    Thanks for sharing your experience. Most people, including me, would have never thought about differences between CDL programs. What I see discussed the most are company demands your school provide 160 hours of instruction and/or be PTDI accredited. I believe recently or the near future any school not 160 hours long will not satisfy legal requirements got CDL.

    one word of advice on dollar store type accounts. they are a challenge with regards to backing. No matter what take as much time as necessary, have store employees or customers move cars if they are in your way and have patience. Hitting something will only make things slow down more.



    This is a sad tale, and one Ive heard quite often from folks trying to navigate the CDL game. Get back up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward, and share that tale with everyone thinking about the business you meet, to help save them the same heartache.
    Its a shame a CDL ‘school’ scammed you, but there is quite a bit of ‘hide the monkey’ out here with the truth about the business, which is why I have my videos and this site, and folks like you helping others with your story
    Thanks for sharing, and keep moving forward.

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    `Thank you very much for your words of encouragement RVT & Scott. I am bruised,but not broken. I must stop pouting bout it !
    I Will have to start again, unfortunately ….
    Roehl Transport is the closest training school for me in Northern Wisconsin and I must do what I have to !

    Bobbie Jean



    Hello everyone,
    I am a former State of Arizona worker who is leaving the technical support filed due to rampant b.s, feminism, nepotism, political correctness and you name whatever else. I am sick and tired of the office cubicle and have a higher education but if I mentioned it some wouldn’t believe me anyway so I’ll pass.
    Anyway here I am at 60 years old and want to work another 10 years. In great shape, love being alone and love driving. (Always have)
    My questions are these.
    1. Cheap schools in Phoenix? (I study extremely well on my own)
    2. Don’t want OTR but want to make money (What branch of driving?)
    3. What to be careful of my first job?
    4. Good companies to start with that pay more than .39 a mile out here.

    Thanks in advance and God Bless all.

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