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    I have finished CDL Training school at one of the best the most recognized facilities and have really high commendations from the instructors in skills, attitude, etc. I was promptly courted by some promising companies and eager to start driving. Now however it seems there is a a barrier that seems right now insurmountable. I have been turned down because I do not have the physical abilities of a 30 years old. I am in excellent shape for my age- 64. My health is very good.

    Does anyone have suggestions or ideas on how to begin now that I can’t seem to pass some mysterious requirement that no one seems to wish to explain?

    How can I overcome this? are there companies that are willing to consider a safe strong driver OTR that does not have the strength of an ox?


    the Saxon

    Wow, I feel for you brother. I am 58 and reinventing myself into the truck driving industry. This will be good to know. By the way, which school did you choose?

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    It may help to tell what specifically the company noticed as a problem. There are a ton of drivers your age out here. Every CDL driver passes a DOT Medical Exam and some trucking companies have their own strength & Agility tests. Thoses tests, except for flat bed, are usually pretty tame things. The companies that recruit at your school are not the only places to work. Usually they are the mega companies needing as many drivers as they can get. They aren’t often the very best places to work. The strongest recommendation I have about trucking is FIRST, before ANYTHING else, find a company you want to work for. You don’t want to borrow money for CDL school and not be able to work afterwards.

    I suggest you get an account on and post your problem in the New Drivers Section. There are many companies that will hire you.



    Yes, Thank you- you are correct!

    Some companies seem to expect that all drivers must have the muscle power and strength of a 30 year old male- but others are more reasonable- Ill let you know how it all comes out in the wash. Maybe it can help others out there like myself



    The School I chose is in Iowa-
    at Hawkeye Community College

    they offer 16 and 6 week courses, They have simulators!

    I highly recommend this school

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