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    Dale G

    I am learning that in order to be hired you need to be close to a terminal. I happen to be on the coast of California in Grover Beach. 200 mile north of Los Angeles and 200 Miles south of San Franciso. It seems to be limiting the number of companies willing to hire a new driver. Any suggestions? So far the only offer I have gotten is from Swift. Would like a couple to compare to to make best decision for me.




    try and Knight.
    all you need is a year to move on to something local or better for you.


    Antonio Soh

    I my case I am a new Class A and Prime turned me down because I have been working in Brazil for last 5 years. They declined my application because they cannot confirm my employment. They actually told me to work for Taco Bell for a year and re-apply…
    Well I am looking for small companies to get my OTR experience.

    Tony from Los Angeles

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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