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    Good afternoon everybody!

    A few months back I got arrested for a misdemeanor domestic assault. I took a plea deal and here’s the scoop;
    2 years probation
    Domestic Assault Misdemeanor – Stay of Adjudication
    Disorderly Conduct Misdemeanor – Convicted

    I’m looking for any information that will lead to my employment as a CDL big rig 18 wheel truck driver. My only experience has been in taking the CDL permit written tests. I am located in Minnesota. I would like to drive OTR and have gotten permission from my probation officer.

    As the title of this post states I was told by Prime that I could not be taken on while on probation. Is there anybody out there who has knowledge of a company, a friend, or they themselves have had a similar situation with success getting trained and hired?

    I’ll keep calling and applying until I find someone, just looking to expedite the process if possible.

    Thanks for your time, happy holidays, and go Vikings!



    I suggest you go to Truckers Report and ask there. Their resident expert on trucking companies is @Chinatown. Just paste that name with the @ sign and he’ll be notified of your question
    If you really want to impress him search the website for “getting job while on probation”. Similar questions are asked every week.

    Truckers Report – New Drivers

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