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    There are numerous ways to pay the cost of getting your Commercial Driver License (CDL)

    1. Pay for school from your savings
    2. Sign a contract to receive a CDL in exchange for employment with a trucking company
    3. Borrow money to pay for CDL school.
    4. Use state/Federal program to pay for CDL school (WOIA / WIA)

    Here is a link to more information about Workforce Opportunity & Innovation Act or Workforce Innovation Act.

    The purpose of WOIA is to fund the achievement of additional training needed for a better paying job. States have various requirements and conditions to approve your WOIA grant. It is common for states to require a Pre-Hire Letter from a trucking company stating you will be eligible for hire once you have received your CDL. If you have anything sketchy in your background (DUI, drug charge/crime, jail/probation, accidents, medical conditions, etc.) you really want find out BEFORE you borrow money or sign any contracts if your are eligible to be hired in the industry. Likewise, if you are wanting to get state assistance to fund your CDL you want to verify you qualify BEFORE you take the plunge. I makes no sense to take on debt for a CDL training program if you are virtually unemployable as a CDL driver.

    Each technique for paying for your CDL training has benefits and liabilities. Many trucking companies have Tutition Reimbursement programs that can help repay student/personal loan with which you may have financed your CDL.

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