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    Hi Red.

    I’m Marco and i have lots of questions. i’m a previous bakery bread delivery driver back in 2008. had a shattered disk and had 3 spinal surgeries and then i had to go through rehab had got a little better. been wanting to go back to the work force. i also had lung surgery in 2014 and then i went to drive for Uber lift and this other service called Magic all driving jobs. in 2015 had got sick again and had Open Heart quadruple bypass surgery. now im about ready to go back to work again . im just so worried to not be able to be in good health to be able to drive a semi and not injury my self anymore or hurt others. im just so ready to change and just start leaving again. i’m also getting my spiritual streight. my kids all all grown and i just have a daughter in last year of high school. what would you recommend me. Thanks for your time
    my email is [email protected]



    I’m not Red, just a veteran driver helping to answer questions. The Commercial Driver License CDL requires a medical exam. Drivers typically call it their DOT medical or DOT Card. The gov’t body that oversees CDL operations is the FMCSA. And here is a link to the medical form you fill out before exercising your CDL privileges



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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