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    Howdy! I’m a former Driver (last I drove was 2014- passenger buses) interested in getting back on the road. I live in San Antonio and was looking into Roadmaster Driving School to get my CDL. Does anyone have any feedback on Roadmaster?

    Also from what I’ve researched, the Hours of service rules have not changed; a driver still has 11 hours to drive but cannot work more than 14 hours. Thank you for any input and advice.



    I’ve heard of Roadmaster but don’t know anything else about them.

    As for Hours of Service, driving is limited to 11 hours, and all driving must stop once 14 hours have passed since first on-duty or driving has started. However, there is no limitation of only working 14 hours. Theoretically, you could be asked to work unlimited hours, you just can’t drive until you get 10 hours off/sleeper. Legally, the boss could require you to do work, not driving, all 168 hours in a week.

    Other than e-logs, there haven’t been many changes to HOS since 2014. There are HOS differences between passenger-carrying vehicles and freight-carrying vehicles. But I don’t remember what those are, I’ve never hauled “self-loading freight”.



    Texas has a 12 hour driving & 15 hour day clock rule now

    google it and read some of the articles

    everything is bigger in Texas, including the ability to drive more and make better money daily

    good luck on your jounrney


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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