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    Are there any products out there in the trucking industry that can record a driver(s) at the wheel to verify his/her time @ driving/work. I’m thinking of a camera that would record the driver(s) as soon as the ignition key is inserted to begin the camera. If a camera was installed in the trucks the companies would pay the driver driving time vs. miles. Big cost to truck companies better income for the drivers!!!!!! I can use some help with this if there is N O T a device for the drivers. Please let me know and I will go to work on it. Thanks joe



    Most trucking companies and drivers are now using electronic logs or e-logs to track the 4 duty status required by regulations. Driver log into the electronics when he gets in the truck, logs his inspections and presses a button to change between Off-duty, Sleeper Berth, On-Duty, Not Driving, and Driving.

    Some companies pay local drivers by the hour and those drivers use a time clock at the terminal or use the electronic device in the truck as a time clock.

    The devices in trucks can & do monitor when the truck is moving/stopped, engine running/off, truck speed, and other things. There are cameras in trucks recording in front of truck, and some companies even record a video of the driver behind the wheel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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