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    Hello everyone, Im looking to get into trucking and had a quick question. Are there any tips on how to build up your driving stamina? And after how many consecutive hours of driving should you stop to stretch and get the blood circulating again?



    “In my opinion”
    1st thing is, do not dress “warm”,dress comfortable, adjust heat and air to fit your comfort level, actually the colder the better. And do not have any air,hot or cold, blowing in your eyes, that’s a killer. Keep yourself busy scanning mirrors, speed, gauges,and traffic up ahead of you, as well as traffic right in front of you. I can assure you that
    “4 wheelers” (regular cars) can be enough to keep you busy. Keep some eye drops handy, the kind that keeps your eyes wet, don’t let them become dry and scratchy, that wears me out. If this becomes too annoying, and you can’t remedy it, stop your truck get out and jump,walk,run, stretch, just do something to get your blood flowing again. The last thing you want to do is fight it TOO long. Please understand that just “1” of those “long blinks” can have a catastrophic ending for you and a family of 5 in a minivan. Dont let the feeling that you don’t have time to stop, cause you to create a situation that you and that family of 5 can’t get out of…
    Your the boss of that truck, so “OWN IT”.



    Loyboy gave a complete answer. To the OP, I’d ask you to think carefully about what exactly is tiring you when you drive. Some people subconsciously grip the steering wheel hard and that is causing their arms & hands to tire nnati or cramp. Some people get sleepy. Some people are anxious or tense. Some people have neck or back or leg pain. Concentrate on what you are experiencing & then consult Loyboy’s post for how to fix that. It’s not a race, it’s s drive. Be comfortable while doing it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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