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    Greetings Truckers, my question for the experts has to do with physical requirements for the job.
    How much do I need to be able to lift, what kind of lift?
    2013 I got myself knocked upside the head with a metal pipe,left side went paralyzed for a few days,by Gods grace The hemiparesis was temporary, but I couldn’t return to construction right away, just too physically demanding, after rehabilitation my walk still shows signs of my injury, I lost my place with the plumbers union, to go back would mean starting ask over from the bottom, I’m not in my twenties anymore, I have no family of my own, nothing tying me down where I am, Mom’s on the winning end of cancer treatment, five more weeks God bless Her, after that I’m ready to turn the page.
    I do odd jobs, construction, automotive, gardening, I can lug sheets of drywall, five gallon buckets of paint, I climbed a ladder onto our roof the other day to patch some leaks, I’m ready for full time employment, just don’t wanna waste anybody’s time showing up at training only to be turned away because of this limp.
    So Truckers, anybody out there know of real requirements, numbers?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Big thanks to RVT For all of the informative videos and this forum.
    Peace and health to all.



    Trucking companies and their insurance companies set those requirements. They vary a lot. Some companies just want you to show up with a valid DOT Medical Card and some require you to use their selected doctor or clinic. Generally speaking, your physical fitness/agility is only tested at time of hire, not during each medical exam (2 years). Flatbed companies often have the most strenuous requirements. I’m posting the link below as an example of how strict s=one of the better flatbed companies can be. Their procedure is “worst-case scenario” for anyone with some sort of health issue.
    I would suggest you contact individual companies and ask for their physical requirements.

    There are many drivers with some sort of joint issues driving for various companies. The 2 big causes of medical disqualifications for truck drivers are high blood pressure and insulin-dependent diabetes. The blood pressure can be controlled with medication and that usually means getting yearly re-checks, rather than the standard 2 year DOT Medical Card. If someone’s diabetes can be controlled with pills you may still qualify for a Medical Card. If insulin injections are required that’s disqualifying, as far as I know.



    That video was new to me.
    Flatbed is most likely out of the range of my physical capabilities due to those calf raises.
    I now have a clearer picture of what’s ahead.

    Thank you, scott_hanson.


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    Just to be clear. The Maverick Transportation agility test as described in the video is probably the “worst-case scenario for anyone with questions about their physical abilities. 90% of trucking companies might ask you to bend at the waist, jog in place for 30 seconds or 3 minutes or not even that. Flatbed companies, as a rule, are more strict on agility than dry van or reefer companies, but some of them don’t do anything like the Maverick agility test. Maverick is probably the gold standard of flatbed companies so they don’t mind turning away drivers to prevent a workers comp claim later. Just my opinion.



    I’m not sure about what the trucking companies might have you do but when I went for my physical I had to dead lift a 50lb weight 3 times. I currently work at a CSX terminal where I see alot of truckers…not too many of them are in the greatest shape sadly.
    Just my 2 cents. Best of luck.



    all the replys above a great info
    scott hanson is always on point with his decades of experience.
    thanks for posting, and good luck on your journey

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