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    NC Snowman

    I am just getting in the game and starting CDL School next month. The school, like most from what I read, provides job placement assistance. When all the recruiters start coming, how do you weed through the mess to find the best fit? I know the basic questions are how much CPM and how many miles can I get…. Any others questions that help you sort through the madness?



    1) miles per week average
    2) cpm
    3) pay scale bumps going forward (3,5,9 12 months, etc)
    4) detention pay
    5) school reimbursement pay
    6) safety bonus
    7) fuel bonus
    8) break down pay
    9) other bonuses / pay the company may offer

    spreadsheet coming soon.
    thanks for being here



    I would also ask about insurance benefits, is per diem paid/required. It’s my opinion that there is less room for dishonesty/mistakes if company DOES NOT pay/require you to receive per diem pay. Then you file a 1 page form with your taxes and take the tax deduction for days away from home. This is a hot topic with some drivers. Some drivers want per diem pay. I would work at a good company paying per diem than a worse company not paying per diem. Some companies charge a driver a small fee to calculate & pay per diem. Some companies don’t pay, some give driver choice, and some companies require driver accept per diem.

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    Per diem is a minor issue, more like a tie-breaker used to choose between 2 good companies, not a requirement if I was choosing a company.


    NC Snowman

    Thanks for the info. Am starting my spreadsheet now with this info and may add more later.


    NC Snowman

    When is a good time to start talking to recruiters and putting in applications? Before you start school? During school?

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