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    I’m about to get out of school in Phoenix and paid my own way.
    How can I find the best paying company with no experience.
    What should I ask for as far as cpm?



    With some hesitation I would suggest you Google trucking companies and Pheonix. If you want to get home on weekends your best bet is to work for a company that is near where you live. With even more hesitation I would suggest you get an account on It’s a much bigger forum, but with large crowds comes more good and bad. You can usually find someone working for most companies and living in most areas. Just beware, the angry people, the people with bad experiences are never shy about sharing their experience. The happy people are less frequent in sharing their opinions.

    I don’t know the Phoenix job market. The resident expert on is @ChinaTown. TTR has a company-specific message board as well as areas dedicated for newbies, experienced, and each type of trucking. I’ll warn you not to get mesmerized by Cents Per Mile (CPM). A company can pay you $1 per mile and starve you to death. While another company can pay a rookie 35 CPM and drive your wheels off. My rule of thumb is never make a decision until you talk to one or more working drivers at a company. That’s where you get the real scoop. Companies will almost always tell you they average 2500 miles per week. That’s like a restaurant claiming they have the coldest beer in town. It’s not written in stone, it’s marketing. Ask the drivers that work at that company.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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