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    Any information on the ESD School (3-wk CDL) in Decatur, AL?



    CDL school is about getting your license. Rarely, does school give you even 10% of what you need to know to work as a driver. Most of what you will need to know comes from your training period at your first company. Also, whatever school you use don’t feel you are limited to picking among the trucking companies that will show up at school. I always recommend, all things being equal, that you first decide on 1 or 2 trucking companies you want to work for and then decide which school to complete to make that happen. The trucking companies that show up at CDL school are not necessarily better or worse than any other companies. Your school is not endorsing those companies. Some of the worst and best companies recruit at CDL schools.

    For me I was flat broke and nearly homeless when I went to CDL school. I could not wait a few months to get into a Community College program that would last a semester. I chose to go to a 3 week CDL school and be working 4 weeks later. IMO most newbies put too much effort into choosing a school and not nearly enough effort into choosing a trucking company. The trucking company you first work for after school will have the biggest impact on whether you stay in this industry or not. Red may feel different about this than me.



    i agree completely with what scott_hanson wrote as his reply
    good luck on your journey and take things one day at a time

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