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    Hey everyone and RVT, I am currently 20 (21st birthday April 19th) and I am looking to get into trucking. The main question I have is about my driving record. I went to the DMV yesterday to get my driving abstract and it has 3 things on it. Most of these were done now 2 years ago when I was still in my “omg I have a sports car” phase and I now I am quite over that and sold the car. My record includes:

    – +19 MPH over the speed limit
    – Reckless Driving (Dismissed with prejudice)
    – Exhibit of Speed (Dismissed with prejudice)

    My main question is whether I will be able to go to Prime Inc. and go through there training program and get my CDL. My buddy drives for prime inc and he is a owner operator and is willing to train me on his truck. The 19 MPH over the speed limit is coming up on 2 years ago in January and the other two are already over 2 years ago.

    When I got the reckless driving and exhibit of speed It was 2am in the morning (about 4 months after owning my first car AND the car was manual) and I stalled in the middle of the road in a green light (I have no problems with manuals anymore and will always try to buy manual cars if I can) and when I started the car back up I was in a panic to try and get out of the middle of the road and screeched my tires. I told this to the judge in court and both charges where dismissed with prejudice. Will these things hinder my ability to get into the industry?

    Thank you all for the help!



    Please check the Prime, Inc forum at in general Prime is picky and rejects drivers other companies would hire. Honestly, those 3 items are serious. Being less than 3-5 years in the past means they are still recent. As a general rule any speeding charge of 15 mph or more above limit is a big deal. 14 over is bad, but 15 is a key number. There are ALWAYS compaies that will hire you, even if you’ve murdered or been a drug trafficker, but they will take advantage of your “desperation” and DOT will give you a thorough check at EVERY opportunity they can.

    Don’t give up. Check Truckers Report, but they will probably tell you to wait 1-3 years and pick among some lesser desirable companies, and then use your spotless record since those tickets to change to better companies ASAP.

    Also, never smoke pot. If you have stop now and don’t hang out with any users. Everyone is tested and some companies check hair samples rather than urine. There are no tricks, a user will be discovered, and a DUI or failed/refused drug test is almost a death sentence. You may have never smoked and will never smoked, this advice applies to all in trucking and trucking doesn’t care if anyone thinks the tests are fair or pot is legal in anyone’s state. If you smoke, you’re out. I’d say anything less than 6 months clean is risky if they test hair. 6 months is about twice as long as the most common hair test can find use. But, you never know when they will make a better test. Truckers Report is FULL of dope smokers asking what to do after getting caught.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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