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    While looking to make changes to my Verizon phone plan I stumbled across an ATT plan that seems too good to be true. I’ve researched and it really is as simple & easy as I’ll describe. MOBLEY is a small device available from ATT which plugs into car/truck OBD II port. That’s the port the mechanic plugs into to read you vehicle computer. Mobley is a car/truck mobile internet hotpot. With this device & ATT account you can get unlimited Internet. ATT says after 22GB of data they may “prioritize” your data, but so far reports say there is no slowdown. The ATT Unlimited data plan for this Mobley cost $20/mo plus about $5 in taxes & fees. There is NO LINE ACCESS CHARGE. You don’t need any other ATT account. You can buy the device from ATT for $99 with NO CONTRACT. Or you can get it “free” with a 2 year contract. I believe if you buy the device with no contract you pay $45 to activate plus your 1st month $20 charge. I’m not sure if there is an activation charge if you buy it with 2 year contract.

    This device works on the ATT network which has pretty similar coverage to Verizon. This deal is so good I’m considering adding it to my Verizon bill for my phone.

    If you want to read more about Mobley here is a link to Howard Forums which discusses it in depth. You can even learn to adapt this device to use at home.

    You don’t have to change your current phone plan. You can continue your current phone plan. Buy and use Mobley for the inernet and simply have your current phone or internet devices connect to Mobley by WiFi. It’s the least expensive Unlimited Internet deal I have found.

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