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Here’s a link to a previous post about Indiana’s WIA program that helps pay for CDL school.

Financial help for Indiana CDL students

Beware that SOME companies are going to want a CDL school completion certificate and/or they only hire students that complete 160 hour CDL school programs.

Discussing this industry for many years I have noticed there is a widespread perception among people outisde of it that they can just rent a truck and get their CDL. It’s very uncommon, but occasionally I hear someone saying that they did exactly that. Hertz/Penske are not going to rent you a commercial truck unless you have substantial business credit line. They aren’t keen on handing over a $150,000 truck to a guy off the street. They also will want a licensed CDL driver to drive it.

A few companies have free training for 1 year of employment, there is Roehl earn while you learn, 3 week CDL school and semester-long community college training. They all have their good points and bad point. I was flat broke and about to be homeless so I opted for 3 week CDL school so I would be working in 3 weeks plus one weekend. To me it’s less important how youu get the CDL than who you work for. THAT decision can decide if it work or doesn’t work for you.

Please be sure to see the links at the top of page and take the personality profile before going any further. Trucking isn’t for everyone. It’s hard and lonely for some.