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accessorial pay is for small extra duty at a customer. To use a flatbedding example not all loads will need to be covered by tarp. But if you have to tarp you will be paid. It’s extra pay that isn’t mileage or hourly pay. My first company would pay $25 to do a yard check, or give them all the trailer numbers of our trailers at a customer.

Breakdown pay can be a fixed fee, hourly pay, or both. I’m paid hourly so I don’t know what Breakdown pays at my company. I’ve heard of SOME drivers getting something like $75 or more per day for breakdown. It varies by company. Union jobs probably have the best accessorial & breakdown pay.

Per diem is an portion of your pay that is NOT subject to income tax. Per diem is also the name given to what should be called IRS Meal Allowance. If your company does NOT pay per diem IRS allows driver to deduct 80% of $63 per day for each day he’s required to be away from his tax home. No receipts are needed to take that deduction. But he will need to document that day which is usually done by saving logbook pages. If a truck driver was away from home 300 days in a year that would allow a tax deduction of $63 X 80% X 300 = $15,120. He only pays income tax on his income above the $15k. It only requires a 1 page tax form & itemizing your deductions. That’s about a 50% tax deduction for an average 1st year driver. AWESOME! But you have to have a tax home. If you officially live in your truck, you are not away from home, so no tax deduction. Make sure you have a rent agreement on paper or an apartment lease or home mortgage to document where you officially live.