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Not being an accredited school means few if any other trucking compaies, mostly their insurance provider, will not recognize the training you receive from it. That may not be a problem*IF* you stay with Swift long enough to get your dxperience. The worst-case is you don’t complete the Swift school & you have to pay for another school to get your CDL. You would owe 2 schools for your training.

My, and only my, opinion of Swift is they are the definition of a Mega starter company. It is further my opinion MOST people applying to Swift know little about the company and are unable to make a well-informed decision. Talk to Swift drivers, get an accurate view of how current Swift drivers are doing with the company. Going to their school and not finishing the employment contract with the company will put you in a bad spot. If you choose to train/work for Swift it can work out well if you and the company are a good fit.

In the industry their new drivers have a poor reputation. It could be that since Swift is the largest company their trucks are involved in more incidences than other companies.

I believe they have a unique CDL school payback program. After school you will owe the company for school, not sure of price. Then each week you work they give credit for some dollar amount toward that school debt. After 1 year your school balance is zero. Starting second year the company starts adding that weekly balance amount to your pay. By end of second year the company will have paid you the cost of CDL school in addition to the pay you have earned.

Get details from Swift & verify those details with Swift drivers.