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`Scott Hanson is spot on. I especially agree….you WILL need time out of that truck for your sanity! It sounds great to just stay out and bank cash. And, hey, if u can do it, more power to ya!

Everyone is different. For me, two weeks was my max! I would find a motel (usually a motel 8) because they were inexpensive, clean rooms and most all of them have truck parking. When it was time to reset, I would always try to get to a city where I could attend a baseball game (it’s just my thing) lol.

The feeling of getting away from “the trucking world”, going to a ball game, enjoying a couple hot dogs and a couple beers (which btw, I’m not advocating) lol, recharged my batteries and kept giving me something to look forward to.

This job is hard and stressful enough, you have to take time for yourself or you will burn out.

Good luck in your journey!