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If you plan on living in the truck you want companies that have power inverters, that provide 120v AC power, and APUs or EPU, that allow you to have heat/air cond. & electrical power without running the truck engine.

You don’t have to take time off at company terminals. You can, they usually have showers & bathrooms, sometimes laundry & lounge. It’s typical for OTR companies to allow you 1 day off for each 7 days out. You can “bank” your days off to have consecutive days off. Some allow you to designate “home time” wherever you decide. You say “I will need my home time on June 4 in alas Vegas, or wherever you might run, and that’s your time off. You will just need a secure parking spot for truck. This can be a hotel that allows truck parking or some other place you find. Believe me you will want time outside of the truck for your sanity. The company policies vary.