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I agree with everything Scott says in his response, and I absolutely LOVE that you are visualizing your success. You are 90% home just doing that alone.
I pre-trip for 15 minutes, and usually separate from that time, but I stay off duty alot, so my clock is always stacked with hours. the Hours of Service regs are linked under the useful links here on the site.
When i drive OTR of out all week regional, I began looking for a spot to stop 90 minutes before my 11 hour clock ran out. Once you make a run in an area, you get a better idea of where to park and whats available versus driving into new areas that ar crap shoots and may cause you to shut down someplace less than desirable. Dont forget, its YOU that has to sleep somewhere, so YOU choose to be safe, and dont let dispatch push you to drive until you end up overnighting in an unsafe area.
The first couple months are a HUGE learning curve, but relax, and plan, and visualize. Its all gonna be alright.
Thanks for being here and good luck