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Java, I don’t have a specific link to it but it’s pretty simple really. When it comes to food the main thing is to stay away from all Carbs(including Potatoes) and Sugar.

Eat all of the eggs, meat, butter, cheese, and vegetables you like. This puts your body into Ketosis which burns your fat instead of relying on glucose. All of those carbs and sugar cause crazy blood sugar ups and downs that cause fatigue and other health problems later on.
You’ll find that by eating like this causes you to not be as hungry and gives you more energy.

He’s 100% right about the cold shower BTW. Ease into it with a hot shower like normal then for the last couple minutes go colder and colder.
Eventually you’ll completely get use to it and go straight cold water. After a week or so I noticed my mood and alertness was as good as when I was 20. It’s like a shot of adrenaline for the rest of your day.

The keto coffee is a killer way to start to the day too because the caffeine has a slow burn for hours instead of crashing.