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Here is a page from the official website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), they are the IRS of trucking. They hake the rules and enforce them

At the link below in the middle pf the page the very first link is to a PDF of the official DOT Medical Form. It will show you all the questions you will be asked.

The doctor will only know what you tell him/her. I’m not suggesting you hide anything. I am STRONGLY SUGGESTING you don’t talk to the DOT doctor like he’s your drinking buddy and you are shooting the breeze. In my opinion the DOT doctor is there to verify you are healthy enough to drive or deny you a medical card. He’s not your personal doctor, he’s not your best friend. Ask a personal doctor if you have questions. The DOT doctors are not especially well-trained on transportation matters, they are simply practiced at doing the DOT exam. Your DOT appointment, in my opinion, is not a place for idle chit chat. You will either get a valid medical card or be denied a medical card.

There are other forums for truck drivers with many truck drivers participating. Google for them. Just be advised truck drivers, or the ones that volunteer opinion, seem to have a negative view on many things. Don’t let their negative comments make you a negative person. There are probably drivers with a very similar situation as you described. Pay attention to the drivers that recognize your situation and have specific advice. The other 90% that just have an opinion but not basis, ignore them.