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My opinion, for what it’s worth is the following:
I think Roehl, Prime Inc, Millis, and Maverick probably have the most comprehensive CDL training in the industry. But their training is mostly about getting your CDL, not everything you need to know to drive OTR for the next year. I say OTR (Over-The-Road) because the companies that offer company sponsored CDL training for students generally face the biggest shortage of drivers in OTR. Although in the last year or so I’m seeing more people moving from no CDL to working locally as a CDL truck driver than I had expected. The vast majority of the day to day details of getting from customer to customer and doing the countless tasks that we call trucking will be learned with your trainer after you get your CDL. Some companies put you with a trainer, after your CDL, from 2 weeks to 2 months. THAT’S the REAL CDL SCHOOL.

I believe Roehl has dry van, flatbed. I know Prime has tanker, flatbed, and reefer trailers, Millis I think also has dry van and reefer, IIRC. Maverick is mostly flatbed with some reefer, they call it temperature controlled division (TCD). From what I have heard and seen Prime probably takes the longest time to go from student to solo CDL driver. They also are the biggest of the companies listed above so their training system has a lot of experience teaching all types of drivers. The companies listed above DO NOT hire most people that apply. They are somewhat selective. I’ve frequently heard Maverick Transportation only hires about 25% of the qualified applicants that want to work there.

I’m not making a judgement about your situation starting CDL school but not finishing. I don’t know if that will be seen as a black mark to the companies I’ve mentioned.

Please search YouTube. I know one of the better trucking channels on YT is that of Dale Clay a driver for Maverick Transportation. There are numerous Prime drivers, including trainers, on YouTube documenting what you need to know.

Good luck, happy hunting.