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I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer to that question. Some things to keep in mind, it may be true some new drivers are not getting as many miles as they were told to expect. This can happen because a new driver doesn’t know the best ways to preserve their clock, or they were otherwise unable to drive the miles Dispatch expected. It is pretty common for Dispatch to hold back some of the miles until they see if a particular driver is keeping up or making appointments. The last thing Dispatch wants to do is schedule a load and then have that appointment missed and not be given a “heads up” by the driver. Dispatch will seldom put a full & healthy number of miles on new drivers until they see the driver can make appointments. As a driver people you work with must be able to depend on your promises. If you aren’t sure you can make a schedule say so. For example when I’m figuring my ETA to a customer I use 2 hours per hundred miles or 50 mph average speed. Where I drive, and in my truck that is a conservative estimate. I can almost ALWAYS do better. Under promise & over deliver.