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Sorry for not being prompt, I’ve had a heck of a week. Look on Google or and search for trucking companies in or near your town. Call them and ask about hiring new CDL holders, if they have Tution Reimbursement for CDL school, and how often to their drivers get home, pay, etc. If you don’t find many in that area expand your search to the next biggest city. Look on a map and see where interstate highways intersect. Those places usually have numerous trucking company facilities.

Red & I disagree slightly about how to enter the industry. Red says get your CDL and shop companies. I suggest you shop companies and then get your CDL however it makes sense if you work at that company. Some trucking companies have their own school or hire graduates from certain schools. Your first company is a very important decision. It may determine if you stay in the industary or complete 1 year of experience.