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Bringing the truck home can be a blessing or a curse. Depending on whether you live in a rural area or a more city/suburban area it can make life easier or cause more problems. Just because you see a commercial truck parked somewhere doesn’t mean you can do so safely or without getting a ticket. Many neighborhoods & cities prohibit commercial vehicles being parked in them. Your Home Owners Association almost certainly frowns on parking your truck in your driveway or beside your house. Remember, it’s not a matter if you have room and if YOU are OK with parking the truck, it’s about the rules & regulations that govern the property you propose to park on. I’ve seen new drivers park in a nearby shopping center or big-box store for a few weeks/months before eventually getting a ticket. It’s still somewhat rare, but some property owners like big box stores or shopping centers are now putting boots on vehicles in addition to tickets.

I’ve had the good fortune for all of my trucking career to get home almost every weekend, or more often now, and to work for companies that are an easy drive (15 minutes to an hour) from my house. When my work is done the truck is left with the company and their mechanics. The truck is given its maintenance while I am home. I don’t have to spend time during the week waiting around a shop, burning daylight, waiting to get back on the road. Many truck stops these days are a lot less like the old-style and more like convenience stores with a fast-food restaurant inside. Being kicked out of the truck for half a day, or more, is not helping you make money during the week. I’d prefer to buy a used car, if necessary, and drive to/from the trucking company terminal or yard. You don’t need much of a car to drive once every week or three.

An alternative to leaving the truck at your terminal or your home is renting space from a towing company or self-storage facility. You will likely only pay a charge per day when the truck is parked there. I’ve seen charges of about $20 per day. If you are new and work Over-The-Road (OTR) you may only be home 1-2 days per week or 2-5 days every few months, depending on your employer.