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I want to start driving a truck. I am in my late 40s and have the mindset to do this. I want to make the money to buy a house in the NC mountains and still work.

I am switching sides (per se) and hoping that gives me a slight advantage to the actual driving part ( I look at spots and say “yep that is where I would set my car up to check traffic”). I liked the solitude of being in my own vehicle and I liked helping people but the grouping of all because of one was getting to be too much. Let me get on the road and drive and not have to deal with the public’s problems 20-30 times in a 12 hour shift and I am fine. We would work 50+ hours in a 72 hour period, rest a day and start again. If I am going to work like that let me make some great money doing it!

My question is what is the advantages/disadvantages of going to work for a company and going through their school vs going through a local mom and pop type school vs studying and taking the CDL A test on my own? I went through a community college BLET program for my last “career”, struggled to make ends meet during the 5 month process and then it was 6 months of serious searching before I found a job. I want to avoid that and go to work as quickly as possible this time. Any advice will greatly appreciated.

My 25 year plan:
Start LLC
Own truck
Hire/Buy several more trucks
Build trucking company
Build dispatching business
Build training center
Turn over to kids or sell and retire
Sit in my rocking chair and enjoy the mountain view

Hey go big or go home right!?!