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I’m not familiar with that company. No trucking company is going to give you free CDL school and charge you nothing if you quit the day after you get your license. You will either work for them a contract period and/or pay for school.

Focus on a company that seems like a good place to work. Then explore how to get the CDL. Some of the companies giving “free” CDL school aren’t good places to work. But if you don’t fulfill your contract you owe them for the school & some require you to agree not to work for any other trucking company until you pay for their school.

Evety CDL school will find a lendet for students. About 1/2 trucking companies pay Tuition Reimbursement for new drivers. Most states have grants for unemployed going to CDL school.

Say CDL school costs $5-8,000. If trucking doesn’t pay $5-8,000 more than what you are doing, don’t drive a truck. The first thing is take the personality profile and see if youvare a hood match for trucking. It’s not for everybody. You have to be independent, problem-solver, comfortable being alone, etc.