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I have some experience with CR England. I drove for them for a short period. Their training to get your cdl actually isn’t bad. I had good instructors who helped when you needed it and hung around after class if you decided for more practice time on the backing range. I even had a instructor, after i failed the backing test after my first trainer, have me cone back early the next morning and walk me through and show me every thing I did wrong the day before. The thing with their training that I didn’t like was the second phase, the put you with a rookie driver trainer, basically two rookies in a truck, what could go wrong? The second trainer, while he was a good guy, he wasn’t trainer material. On top of that, a lot of the trainers are lease operators. While that isn’t always bad, there are good trainers out there, you run the high chance of ending up with a trainer who cares more about his paycheck than your training. Also of you do their company paid training, you are locked into a contact with them and u guarantee they will try to sucker you into their lease program. I only left because of a family emergency and ended giving up my cdl, big mistake on my part. I plan on getting my cdl again soon and going back trucking. I hope my 2 cents helped. Nice to see another so cal guy here, I’m from Pasadena. Good luck