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Thought I should include. I am looking at companies. Got a few contingent pre offers. Should be going to school 11/6 to 12/20. Have a grant for it. On unemployment now. Jury Duty this month. 🙂
I sent a smaller company in my state info. They way they want to hire me after I have my Class A in hand. I do have 7 years Class B experience. They didn’t seem very interested in any training? I wonder about this? Beginning pay good. Seems good equipment. Runs from midwest to Ca. and back. Which is good. Stay out of NE during winter.
Yet… I have Prime talking positive, absolutely. They got good training. Like their Freightliners. I’ve had experience with KW and Pete. Not reliable in my experience. I know I will be well trained and oriented working for Prime.
I know the word on the internet is that the best is smaller companies. I wonder?

The more I pour over that Personality Profile. The more I’m amazed at how accurate it is.