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I’m not Red, just an experienced driver helping Red. There are numerous companies that will accept a “refresher course” from a CDL school or they have their own refresher course for CDL drivers that don’t have recent experience. I assume you have a clean MVR, work history, criminal record, pass a drug screen. Contact company you really want to drive for and ask for their requirements to put you back in the seat. One thing I’ve learned, don’t accept their written requirements as listed in ads or web sites. Companies routinely bend those requirements these days. As long as you have a clean record and pass a drug screen you are eligible at many companies. You’ve done this work so you know what you are getting into. I think I’ve seen refresher courses that are between a week and a month. I don’t recall at the moment what those courses cost, but I’m think in the $500-1,500 range.

I’ve seen several returning drivers mention Freymiller as having fairly short refresher course and having lots of miles. They are a reefer outfit. I have 20 something years driving, but my last 18 running regional/dedicated didn’t count as recent OTR at one company with a strict training requirement. Even there, they gave me credit for my experience and were willing to essentially assign me to a trainer for UP TO 1 month of team driving, or until trainer gave me the OK.

I strongly suggest you do lots of research, I think is best for this, and find a company you think is a good match for you, your needs, and location. Then follow their process to work there. You know all companies are not the same.