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Good question. Probably because it is what I have grown used to. I have a great paying job now, but I am not happy. I am fortunate to have been in this job long enough that I will have a good pension, but I find it hard to jump into a new industry with no experience. RVT said it in one of his videos. I have to get past the fear of the unknown and accept that my emotional happiness will better serve me than financial comfort in a miserable job.

I KNOW that the business will suit me. I have dreamed of it since I was a kid. I just need to take a leap of faith.

What is cool is that I found a school not too far from me that will allow me to get my CDL on my own schedule. I can do two days a week for eight weeks while I get my retirement paperwork processed which will allow me to keep earning until I have my CDL in hand. Then I can find my company, hit the road and start my new path to success.

Good luck to you as well!